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Sowparnika Ashiyana starting at 21 Lac* Offers breathtaking studio apartments of Studio, 1 Bhk, 2 Bhk and 3 Bhk. Spacious 5 stunning, cosy towers and eight-story apartments, complete with 784 bedrooms, comfortable, 345 sqft and 1059 sq ft Samethanahalli-Whitefield, well-connected to IT hubs. In the developed city neighbourhood with some of the most famous IT firms. Sowparnika Ashiyana is the latest launch project Sowparnika Projects in Whitefield. They are smart houses in the right atmosphere. Hence, it is one of the best combinations of the finest housing and the best materials such as Asian Paintings, Polycab, Somy Tiles, Anchors, Schneider, Jaguar, Godrej lifts, and locks.


Pre-LAUNCH Gold Coin Offer Sowparnika Ashiyana   Homes Starting 21 lacs* Onwards   Pay 5% Now Nothing Till Possession   Rental Assured Scheme Ashiyana   Smart Furniture Provided
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Apartment Samethanahalli Sowparnika Ashiyana

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Sowparnika Ashiyana is all who wishes to own a house with new facilities will be able to get the apartment amenities. There are many well-known colleges, popular hospitals, banks, centers of food, and entertainment. The project Ashiyana creates open and realistic environments. It has all the extravagances for the specifications of the localizers.



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Sowparnika Ashiyana Samenthalli is the best location; the land is not expensive. In the homeowners are confirmed the Vastu and the experiences and optimistic echoes. Sowparnika Ashiyana is a fascinating project next to the GN Mills bus stop on Mettupalayam Route. Sowparnika Ashiyana Samenthalli for sale in Whitefield is one the most unique apartment loaded with various amenities and features which are very tough to find in any apartment. It has multiple offers to choose from as emi holidays fully furnished. It makes it the most valuable investment opportunity in real estate today. Sowparnika Ashiyana Samenthalli Whitefield has the best in construction from one of the finest architects and superior quality of materials being used for its construction. Sowparnika Ashiyana comes from one of the finest Builders of South India, having more than 6000+ satisfied customers and still counting. Its customers have shown their trust towards the brand and have witnessed one of the best quality in the market today. For various reasons, Whitefield is one of the most developed locations regarding residential and commercial. It is the most preferred location for every home buyer in Bangalore. Ashiyana is the best in class option to choose from and units are very fast. It also has various facilities like OLA point, office space, driver lounge, cafeteria, etc. These are nearly impossible to find with the price with which it is being offered at. There are still several other features which make it the most desired apartment to buy.

Sowparnika Ashiyana Samenthalli is near to primary novels; universities, colleges, centers, hospitals, and banks are all placed momentarily. Sowparnika vowed adequate accommodation for all in line with the government's "Housing for All by 2020" program. There has been a redesign of the concept of subsidized housing. Sowparnika Projects is a major property developer in southern India with its headquarters in Bangalore. We plan to improve domestic capability. Our goods are now available in the workplaces and workers in compliance with the regulation, control, and ventilation. In all of our organizational frameworks, we are committed to the philosophy of Lean Six Sigma. At Sowparnika, we have developed a system focused solely on our core operations, service performance, and concepts of teamwork.

The Legislation on Real Property Regulators helped many customers in 2016 who were concerned about capital property investment. As such, real estate owners have no room for mistakes or consumer duplication. This also is the key reason for the confidence of house buyers in India. The protection and standardization of homeowners in the real estate industry is the main aim of the RERA Act. A structure for subjects such as building delays, quality of service, and pricing was created by the Act. Whitefield real estate values have increased by about 30 percent in the last five years. A structure for subjects such as building delays, quality of service, and pricing was created by the Act. The average cost decreased from Rs2532 per sqft (2008-09) to Rs2225 per sqft (2009) by 12 percent. Whitefield is one of the main cities in Bangalore in Karnataka, India.

Originally established in the late 1800s by Bangalore's Eurasian and Anglophone settlements, the suburb remained low until the local IT boom in the late 1990s. It is now a significant element of Greater Bangalore, where many companies are formed. Owing to its high economic activity, the area has become one of the preferred areas for affordable accommodation and low-cost apartments. There are significant demands for residential projects in Whitefield, especially from the middle and medium-sized groups. This article is a guide to the Whitefield immovable market. Know Whitefield and analyze the benefits and disadvantages of Whitefield land investment.

Sowparnika Ashiyana Samenthalli Whitefield is linked to the center of Bangalore by two major four-lane highways, Mahadevapura Road, and Varthur Road, also known as the HAL Old Airport Road. There is a station about three kilometers from the main bus stop in Whitefield. It traces a double trajectory and is electrified by the Bangalore-Chennai road. Currently, the major trains to Whitefield are only available from Bangalore City Junction in 30 to 40 minutes. The Chennai Express, the Tirupati Tourist, the Seshadri Express, Kanyakumari Express are some of the trains that operate through the area The Mysore-Howrah Express runs between Mysore and Howrah. The Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) in Whitefield's closest airport, about 40.

Sowparnika Ashiyana Samenthalli which hosts many software firms. With buildings and buildings ready to pass, workplace commuting is simpler and easier for workers at these Whitefield technology parks. In this city, it also creates higher rent prices for investments. Today, ITPL is highly attractive to the IT workforce and home buyers. The generation of jobs in Whitefield has raised demand and popularity for housing in areas such as Hoodi, Kadugodi, K R Puram, etc. East Bangalore provides all sorts of accommodation options, including luxurious luxury villas, lobbies, single residences, discreet communities.

In the last five years, 28 500 new residential houses have been officially built in the city of Whitefield. In the period from 2013 to 2015, 83% of new launches were. After 2016, a large inventory of unsold smartphones has dramatically decreased the launch pace for RERA and GST. The developers are introducing new Whitefield projects in Whitefield now that the PRR highway, including the major roads including Madras Route, Bellary Road, Tumkur Road, and Hosur Road, is being introduced. Whitefield is developing. The PRR scheme, in and around Bangalore, will integrate state and national highways. For local people, PRR can act as a fantastic lifeline and reduce ORR (Outer Ring Road) congestion.

Any of the new properties in Bangalore East like apartments, row-houses, villas, etc.-can be checked for sale and one among them is Ashiyana. Having your property managed is a wonderful life achievement. But, as you take car insurance and personal insurance seriously, you may have to take policies at home. After all, becoming a household man is a hustle, and bustle experience, but usually, this ambition can only be met by the average individual with the help of home credit. A down payment is typically made that is about 20% of the valuation of the land. The balance is taken out by the home loan bank. Getting your own home is a wonderful achievement in life. But, you will continue to take policies at home just like you take car insurance and personal insurance seriously. Your house is, after all, one of your best assets and worth keeping. Sowparnika Whitefield is a great achievement in life to have your own home. However, just as you treat car insurance and personal insurance seriously, you will have to plan at home.

Real estate investing is a common investment strategy in which you purchase a property to make a profit. It needs a considerable capital investment initially, with fair time delays and guaranteed returns. However, you have to do your homework before you dive in and invest in property. All wish to own a house, a place to expand their families, or a nice retirement pad However, the perfect home needs considerable savings and this is normally overcome by going for a home loan. For the financing of your dream houses, several banks offer loans at low-interest rates. It can be a massive, emotional experience to purchase your first home, with a great deal of pride and commitment. Other than that, buying a home is an important financial activity that you have to make sure you are prepared to make the jump towards a mortgage.

The economic crisis struck all sectors of industrial production, and the real estate industry was already suffering a minor collapse. However, this absence of impetus has provided a curious feature of homeownership. Finding enough space to carry everything you acquire over time seems to be a popular problem. Besides regular decomposition, the next alternative is ample storage space. However, this can be very daunting, especially if you live in a restricted area. But for everything else. But. Until the day is over and over, everything goes to sleep in their comfort zone. Home is home to you and, for the remainder of the day, rejuvenate yourself. However, to do so, you must first strive to build a safe home.

Misery is a bleak and dreary place to be. When the sun falls and sets out to create a dark corner and a cloudy waiting area, it's about time you did something about your house. Not only is it safer for a well-lit home, but it is also ideal for your well-being. It's good to look at the room once in a while to see if it has all the things in it. And it's time, if you don't even need them, to throw them out. That's how minimalist lighting works. A basic decorative theme consists of the entire lot. Window treatments or vestibules may have a dramatic effect on your home decor with the proper type of window treatment to improve the overall look & feel. There are a variety of windows and styles to pick from, so it can be difficult to choose the right therapy You require blinds or boards. It takes a lot of diligent planning to purchase a new apartment since you won't want anything to go wrong with this big investment. Before zeroing on the correct apartment, you have to look at certain key features. you have to look at certain important elements. Here's a quick look at the following: location.

Sowparnika Ashiyana Samenthalli new apartment has to be bought wisely, so you won't want anything wrong with the big investment. You have to look at some main features before zeroing in on the right apartment. Here's a brief look at the following: venue. The range of tapestries available on the market makes it a little bit overwhelming to pick the best choice to complement the decor of your apartment. You must pass a sea of colors, fabrics, patterns and materials, each with its advantages and drawbacks.



  • 372 - 478 sq.ft
  • All Flats are Vaastu compliant


  • 630 - 733 sq.ft
  • All Flats are Vaastu compliant


  • 899 -1059 sq.ft
  • All Flats are Vaastu compliant

Wing - A

Types of Apartments Units per Floor Total Units
2 BHK 11 88
1 BHK 7 56
Total Units 18 144

Wing - B

Types of Apartments Units per Floor Total Units
2 BHK 9 72
1 BHK 10 80
Total Units 19 152

Wing - C

Types of Apartments Units per Floor Total Units
2 BHK 6 48
1 BHK 7 56
Studio 8 64
Total Units 21 168

Wing - D

Types of Apartments Units per Floor Total Units
3 BHK 2 16
2 BHK 5 40
1 BHK 6 48
Studio 4 32
Total Units 17 136

Wing - E

Types of Apartments Units per Floor Total Units
3 BHK 9 72
2 BHK 6 48
1 BHK 2 16
Studio 6 48
Total Units 23 184
Types of Apartments Units per Floor Total Units Saleable Area (SQ.FT.)
3 BHK 11 88 835 - 1000
2 BHK 37 296 620 - 680
1 BHK 32 256 380 - 475
STUDIO 18 144 320 - 330
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