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Sowparnika Ashiyana offers beautiful 1Bhk, 2Bhk and 3Bhk studio apartments, wide and cosy with 5 magnificent towers and 8 floor apartments with a total of 884 residences, spacious 320 sqft and 1000 sqft apartments, combined with sleek designs and architecture. Sowparnika Ashiyana is four acres with 15 guntas scattered over them. The business is well connected to Samethanahalli – Whitefield that connects to the IT hubs. Located in this developed city's vicinity with some of the best known IT companies.

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Apartment Samethanahalli Sowparnika Ashiyana

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Anyone who has to purchase a house with new facilities will obtain the apartment's facilities. There are various renowned universities, well-known hospitals, banks, food and entertainment centres. The project offers rooms that are open and realistic. It is fitted with all necessary extravagances to facilitate the needs of the locators.



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Ashiyana is one of Sowparnika's best-known assets. In the perfect setting, they are clever houses. In fact it has been made with finest houses and training facilities such as Asian Paints, Polycab, Somy Tiles, Anchor, Schneider, Jaguar, Jhonson lifts and locks Godrey. The house is the best first location, not costing the property. Vastu and the printout and positive echoes are conformed to home owners. Ashiyana Project is a interesting project on the path to Mettupalayam next to the bus stop GN Mills. This is somewhat close to the big novels, universities , schools, information services centres , hospitals and banks.

In line with the government's "Housing for All by 2020" initiative, Sowparnika provided decent lodging for all. There was a redesign of the concept of affordable housing. Sowparnika Projects is a leading developer of properties in southern India with its headquarters in Bangalore. We think domestic capability will be increased. Our items are now available in the workplace and employees, in compliance with regulations, strength and ventilation. The progress from start to finish is tracked and assessed. We are committed with the Lean Six Sigma philosophy in all our organisational processes. At Sowparnika, we have developed a structure that focuses exclusively on our core responsibilities, service quality and teamwork concepts.

The 2016 introduction of the Law on Immobilien Regulatory Authorities helped many buyers who have been concerned about immobilisation investments. As such, real estate holders do not have room to make mistakes or to repeat their purchasers. This act also leads most to maintaining the confidence of home buyers among the Realtors in India. The primary object of the RERA Act is to ensure that home owners are protected and standardised in the real estate industry. The Act has established a framework where concerns like building delays, service quality and pricing could occur. The Whitefield real estate values have increased by about 30 percent over the last five years. The price of property here in December 2012 rose from Rs 3100 per square foot to Rs 4000 per square metre in the first quarter of 2008. The average cost decreased from Rs 2532 per sq ft in 2008-09 to Rs 2 2225 per sq ft in 2008-2009, resulting in a 12% decline. In 2009-2010, it rose by 50 percent.



  • 1200 sq.ft
  • All Units are Vaastu compliant


  • 1500 sq.ft
  • All Units are Vaastu compliant


  • 2400 sq.ft
  • All Units are Vaastu compliant
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